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Truest Options for the Finest Website Data

Today, like every day of the year, it is the day of something. In this case, we are “celebrating” Safe Internet Day. We have written long and hard on computer security or on the Internet, but now we are going to keep the advice of the Internet giant. We talk how it could be otherwise, about Google. The American company has told us the five things we can do to improve their Internet security for Safe Internet Day. For the ๋จนํŠ€๋””๋น„ this happens to be essential now.

Applications that steal the photos of millions of Android users, tips to create a secure password, unique and easy to memorize, know if we have hacked the webcam, which is the best Windows 10 antivirus in 2019, the existence of malware in torrents of The Pirate Bay there are many news about security and cyber threats that we publish throughout the year, but the truth is that, with a little control from users, the cases could be greatly reduced.

How to create a secure password, unique and easy to memorize

Things to improve their Internet security according to Google

It never hurts to remember the usual safety tips again. This time, to make it more enjoyable, we are going to keep the five things we can do to improve their Internet security according to Google. In reality, they are logical questions that surprise many users to ignore or ignore, but it is the reality.

Keep programs and applications updated

Sounds very obvious, but it is something that could help us greatly. In fact, we know the importance of having the software updated, but a third of those surveyed by Google acknowledged not updating their applications on a regular basis.

How to always have the latest version of your programs

Use unique passwords for each account

Laziness and comfort are their worst allies. One of the worst (and most dangerous) things we can do is use the same password on all sites. In fact, 65% of respondents acknowledge doing so and it is a serious mistake. This is because, if they steal that of a service, they steal that of all services and then come the regrets. First, we will follow the recommendations to create strong passwords and for their convenience, we can use one of the password managers that exist.

Keep the recovery email or phone updated

Many services offer the possibility of having a secondary mail or a telephone as a way to recover the account in case of theft. Here the problem comes when we don’t keep this information up to date and we change the phone, we stop using that secondary email account. Even if we have these options, they won’t help us.

Activate verification in 2 steps

Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective tools to protect us on the Internet and improve their online security. 2-step verification adds an additional layer to access a website in addition to the username and password. These are some of the online services in which to enable two-step authentication.

Use Google Security Checkup

Being advice from Google, we could not miss a purpose. In this case, they invite us to try Google Security Checkup with personalized security recommendations that will help us strengthen the security of the Google account. Precisely, the other day we saw how to remove permissions to Google.

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