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The Limited Understanding of International Football

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Football is a contact sport that requires players to travel and engage in martial arts on each square meter of the field. The peculiarity of the movement of players in football is that there is movement with the ball and without the ball, as well as jumping, stopping and turning. With the use of 해외축구중계 broadcast, there are a lot that you can expect now.

The Ball Moving for You

Moving without a ball, as a rule, is an explosive acceleration of 10-30 meters with a constant change in direction of movement. This feature of movement requires the athlete to have serious physical preparation and coordination. Movement without a ball can be caused by the following game situations: a fight for the ball, opening a partner under a pass, and holding a position.

  • The movement with the ball is characterized by a constant change in the direction of movement, deceptive movements, explosive accelerations, which require high technical and physical training of the players. When moving with the ball, there are several options for the development of events: defeating an opponent, passing the ball to a partner, a shot on goal.

The average player of a professional football team overcomes a distance of 10 -12 kilometers per match. The speed of movement of a football player on the field has a wide divergence interval, but the fastest jerk with the ball, which belongs to the footballer of Real Madrid, Gareth Bale, is known, its speed was 36.9 km / h.

Movement technique in football

 The peculiarity of movement in football is a combination of different running styles, as well as jumping, turning and stopping. Players of various positions are characterized by a certain technique of movement. For the goalkeeper , for example, these are constant jumps and sideways movements , for defenders back and sideways movements, midfielders equally move sideways, backs and faces forward, for attackers , for the most part, explosive accelerations face forward.

However, each player cannot play only in his position and can’t move anywhere else, so a player of any position should equally well possess all the techniques of moving around the field in football.

Football Mobility Training

 Modern football requires universalism from players. Simply put the ability to play at any position on the field, without a visible loss in game quality. It follows from this that equal attention should be paid to learning the technique of movement for all players.

There are a huge number of exercises for the development of techniques of movement without the ball, with the ball, back, side, as well as jumping complexes. A feature for football players is the constant movement of the legs. Even when the player is in one place, his legs should move on his toes, slightly bending at the knees. Almost always, the heels should be above the level of the toe.

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