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The awesome factors related to Dota 2

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If you have loved playing the primary Dota game, you will enjoy playing Dota 2 too. Learning the second version is not difficult if you have mastered the tricks of Dota 1. The second version has most of the features of the first game but has several advancements, which players can enjoy. The new version has new graphics and animation. Graphics is the first thing that you shall notice at the time you play the game. The game details and its animation have improved a lot. The weapon icons have received makeovers. These factors have contributed majorly and brought an aesthetic appeal.

One big change brought in by this game is increased game streaming. With the help of this feature, you can watch other players’ game. This is good for newcomers as they can watch live games and learn the best gaming strategies. You can learn a lot from Dota 2 boosting. You can purchase Dota 2 boosters good feature of Dota 2 is that it has an auto-following feature, which was lacking in Dota. In this version of the game, you may follow a hero. In the previous game, you have to click on a field constantly for following another hero. The latest version has made things quite easy for players through an auto-follow mode.

Improved Matchmaking

Dota 2 began a matchmaking feature that matched experienced players along with beginners for fighting out in the battlefield. This match is based on the number of behavior points that you have accumulated when you have “behaved”. The game does not give a lot of importance in matching your behavior points. In this new matchmaking update, its criteria are based not just on behavior points but on the number of games you have played as a player. This has to make sure that toxic and bots players that can be screened out. 

Item and hero changes

In this new version of the game, features of a few heroes and items have changed to make the game more challenging and more fun. For heroes, many have enhanced skills that can make things fun and easier. For instance, in the previous game, attack by Death Prophet could hit enemies in fog. On the contrary, in the new game, it can hit invisible units too.The weapons, skins, customization, as well as Dota 2 Boosting, should be bought but the game is free. You can buy the boosters from and increase your game experience. 


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