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Smartest Options for Maintaining the Playground

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If you ask your child what he or she likes most about school, he or she will probably answer “Recess”. It is important that children stay active, play outdoors and release the energy they accumulated during the school day and afterwards. Playgrounds are a great place for that. However, defective games, dangerous surfaces and lack of proper supervision can cause injuries. Each year, more than 200,000 children are treated in emergency rooms of hospitals for injuries suffered in the playground. Schools are addressing these problems by developing safety rules for outdoor play, both on the playground and outside. There are also some things you should keep in mind and pass on to other people who care for your child regarding play on the playground and around it. With the 토토사이트 this is important.

Tips for playing outdoors and not hurt yourself

Know the rules. Depending on the amount of outdoor space available, the number of students and staff limitations, your child’s school may restrict the games that students can play on the playground. Games like “run that I catch you” ( tag ) and unsupervised sports, like the “prisoner ball”, are being banned more and more due to the injuries they cause. Find out what your school’s playground rules are and explain them to your child. If your child wants to bring a ball, jump rope or other object to play with friends, is sure to ask the school for permission first.

  • Find out about supervising children when they play. The best way to reduce the number of injuries in the playground is through proper supervision. The “National Program for Playground Safety” advises that children be supervised when they play in outdoor games, both at home and in the community or at the playground. The adults in charge should be able to guide the children to use the playground games accordingly. In addition, they must know how to respond to emergencies appropriately. Make sure your child is monitored at all times while playing on the playground, both inside and outside the school.

Know which games are appropriate for your child’s age. The “Consumer Product Safety Commission” requires that games be separated for children between 2 and 5 years old and for children between 5 and 12 years old. It is also recommended that children be divided according to the age group: Pre K, grades K to 2nd, grades 3 and 4th and 5th grades and 6th. Most schools divide the game outdoors by degrees. If you take your child to the playground, make sure he plays in games that he can use comfortably. Encourage your child to use games appropriately and to take turns with other children. Be careful with clothes that may get caught in a game or that your child may trip on, such as untied laces, hoods or ribbons to adjust garments.

Check the games

Before allowing your child to play at the games, inspect it to make sure it is safe. Also take a look at the area that surrounds them. Check the games to make sure they are not damaged or broken. Be alert for objects that may cause injury, such as broken glass, stones, animal excrement or debris. According to the “National Recreation Patio Safety Program”, the surface of a game must be soft or loose materials that can cushion a fall, such as wood chips or rubber.


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