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Football and Your Deals Essential Now

Football does not take long to cross the English Channel. English sailors or British expatriates make it discover on the continent. In France, for example, the first club where we play certainly makes a mixture of rugby and football was created in 1872 in Le Havre, by British employees of trading companies and transport port Norman. But they quickly convert native people, gradually admitted to these associations. With 해외축구중계  you can have the live sports broadcasts and many more things.

The Start of the Era

At the beginning of the twentieth century, however, players are recruited especially in the bourgeoisie, whose Anglomania is mixed with fascination for modernity embodied by the Football Association, and anxious to promote physical education in the great outdoors. But the public is expanding rapidly. It is because this sport makes it possible to stage, peacefully, the confrontation of nationalisms.

International Matches

The first international match played by the French team is held on May 1, 1904 in Brussels: it faces Belgium. The same year, the FIFA International Football Association is set up, whose mission is to organize “inter-nation” matches, to control – already – the players’ movements and to launch an international championship: it brings together eight federations [4] and is chaired by Frenchman Robert Guérin.

  • The British FA made its entry there in 1905. But the British still have a technical advance that allows them to keep their “splendid isolation” by refusing to send their best teams to play games on the continent.

At the Time of the Great War

The Great War helps to mitigate this gap. Simple sport to understand and practice, football is widely used by both sides to occupy the troops at rest. The front thus becomes a place of sports democratization, especially for the rural masses. In shirt arms and heavy boots, the soldiers run behind the round ball, when they do not attend parties opposing regimental or allied teams.

Newspapers, such as L’Auto or La Gazzetta dello Sport, are organizing subscriptions for the purchase of leather envelopes and inner tubes for the “hairy”, while presenting the armed conflict in the metaphorical form of a great game you have to win. In England, there is even the memory of Captain Neill of the East Surrey Regiment who, during the terrible offensive of the Somme in July 1916, would have encouraged his men to assault by launching a balloon to the German trenches.

Last Words

On the French side, the first major football competition is first and foremost a commemorative event: the Charles Simon Cup, created in 1917 and later transformed into the Coupe de France, is designed to maintain the memory of this sports leader who died at the front and more broadly that of all footballers fallen in the “field of honor”.

Last Words

Peace returned, football becomes one of the great sports of the age of the crowds. The example still comes from England. The new Wembley Stadium, inaugurated in 1923 in North West London, can accommodate 127,000 spectators. The mainlanders follow the British model: the footballers are gradually abandoning the velodromes that have long welcomed them to play their matches in stadiums in reinforced concrete, like that of Colombes Hauts-de-Seine, completed in 1924, or the Littoriale of Bologna, completed in 1926. These sports arenas are perfectly adapted to this new mass show.


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